Project partner KIZ SINNOVA from Germany organised the first of altogether 6 study trips in the ATMforSMEs project on 24-26 October 2016 in Offenbach. Study trips mean the most important platform for transnational experience exchange in the INTERREG Europe ATMforSMEs project. Tenderix participated at the event as one of the local stakeholder group members of Ministry for National Economy, Hungary, which is a project partner of the implementing consortium. The 3-day event was held in the Offenbach premises of KIZ Sinnova. During the event project partners jointly elaborated the issue of ‘Sustainability and efficiency of micro-finance programmes: Regional and local approaches and solutions” through sharing relevant good practices in the subject. The ATMforSMEs project started in April 2016 and is led by Fejer Enterprise Agency from Hungary.